Trans-Evol project Field Seasons

This sections presents snapshots of the past field seasons of the project, showing some of the archaeological work that is being undertaken and aspects of the daily routine in the Turkana desert.  

Field Season 2023

The Trans-Evol project fieldwork team in September 2023 in Kanyimangin. 

From left to right: Caterina Aureli, Amug Eporon, Céline Vidal, Mikel Arlegi, Alex Eyanae, Sol SSDG, Peter Atadeit, Hugo Hautavoine, Ruth Kaptai, Robert N’Gichilia, Anna Wagner, Edwin Murungi, Ekitui Eporon, Joseph Erupe, Aurélien Mounier, Robert N’Girotin, Justus Edung, Edukon Ekato, Samuel Yarakol, Nyakaa Eyanae, Ewalan Emase, Ewoi Emase, Peter Aguman, Naruk Sabaa, Peter Lopira, David Lomuria, Mussa Eporon, Samuel Loyanae. 

Etelej Loroo, Pauo Lomoria and Philip Ekiru were absent when the picture was taken. 

Field Season 2022

2022 fieldwork team in Kanyimangin. 

From left to right: P. Aguman, M. Eporon, A. Eyanae, E. Murungi, N. Eyanae, J. Erupe, N. Sabaa, J. Waithira, A. Eporon, E. Emase, E. Ekato, P. Atadeit, M. Bosch, S. Yarakol, N. Loroo, R. N’gchilia, R. N’girotiu, J. Marin Hernando, P. Eporon, C. Vidal, E. Emase, J. Edung, A. Mounier. 

S. Loyanae, D. Lomuria and S. Sánchez-Dehesa Galán, were not in camp when the picture was taken.  

Meeting with Chief Sylvester and administrators and elders from the Nakaalei community.

Marjolein Bosch and Justus Erus Edung digging a Suid head in Kanyimangin.

Céline Vidal, Joyce Waithira, Marjolein Bosch and Juan Marin Hernando enjoying the sun in Kanyimangin

Justus Erus Edung directing the digging of a geological trench in Kanyimangin with Robert N'gchilia, Peter Atadeid, Edukon Ekato and Alex Eyanae

Masterclass from Kyalo Manthi on a survey day in Kanapoi with Joyce Waithira, Aurélien Mounier, Céline Vidal and Juan Marin Hernando.

Jacketing a crocodile mandible in Nakwakitela. Justus Erus Edung, Juan Marin Hernando, Céline Vidal and Peter Atadeit.

Field Season 2021

2021 fieldwork team in Kanyimangin. From left to right: Sol Sánchez-Dehesa Galán, Hugo Hautavoine, Amug Eperon, Justus Edung, Peter Aguman, Maya Bosch, Samuel Loyanae, Nyakaa Eyanae, Edwin Murungi, Edukon Ekato, Samuel Yarakol, Peterson Eporon, Peter Atadeit, Joseph Erupe, Robert N’girotiu, Naruk Sabaa, Aurélien Mounier, Robert N’gchilia, Ewoi Emase, Christopher Kiarie, David Lomuria.

Meeting with the chiefs of the South Turkana District and administrators and elders from the Nakaalei community.

Top: Setting up the grid for the excavation of Unit 3 in KY. From left to right: Sol, Justus, Naruk, N'gchilia, Peter and Peterson. Bottom: Excavation underway. From left to right: Naruk, Hugo (manoeuvring the Total Station), Ewoi, Peterson, Samuel and Ngchilia and Peter (at the sieve).  

Digging the head of an extinct juvenile elephant (Palaeoloxodon recki). From left to right, top: Amug, Justus, Hugo and Aurélien; bottom: Justus, Atadeit, Amug, Maya.

Field Season 2019

Digging (Amog Eperon and Francis Liwan, with Peter Atadeit and William Lokaleilo seiving in the back), and sampling (Céline Vidal and Ema Achuythan) a geological trench in KY.

The KY.12983 Euthecodon maxilla found in the fossiliferous layer of Kanyimangin. 

Lunch break at Kanyimangin in August 2019. Left: Justus Erus Edung, Céline Vidal, Ema Achyuthan, and Mzee Eiana Loro (in orange) with his brother and sons. Right: William Lokaleilo, Amug Eperon, Aurélien Mounier, Peter Atadeit, Francis Liwan.

Field Season 2018

Geochronological sampling at Kanyimangin. (A) and (B) palaeomagnetism sampling below fragments of Euthecodon (KY.11059); (C) Bovidae tooth fragment and sediment sampled for ESR/U-series analyses; and (D) Sediment sampled for ESR analysis at the location where the Crocodile jaw fragment and Oldowayan chopper KY.1160 where found.

Lunch Kanyimangin base camp in August 2018. Amog Eperon, Peterson Eperon and Aurélien Mounier

Field Season 2017

(A) Landscape view of Area 2 showing the dipping sandstone outcrops and Rob Foley taking notes in the background; (B) deflating giant tortoise on surface of Area 2 site; (C) embedded Oldowan artefact in the top sandstone layer.

(A) Landscape view of Kanyimangin, (B) mandibular condyle of a crocodile (KY.1160.1) embedded in sediments with a small Oldowan chopper (KY.1160.2); (C) mandibular fragment of a Euthecodon (KY.11059); and (D) pelvis fragment of a Suidae (KY.11261).

Lunch on the bank of the Kalabata river in August 2017. Marta Mirazón Lahr,  Edwin Murungi and Rob Foley.