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Ongoing research on immigration to Central Florida and Colombia is being done as part of a partnership between UCF ( and Pontificia Javeriana Universidad de Bogotá, Instituto de Salud Publica (

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Cubillos A, Vargas-Monroy AM, Wharton T. Migración de venezolanos a Florida Central, Estados Unidos: aspectos relacionados con la percepción de condiciones y necesidades de salud mental en 2019. (Immigration of Venezuelans to Central Florida, United States: aspects related to the perception of condition and needs of mental health in 2019). Rev Gerenc Polit Salud. 2020;19(39). DOI:[A1]  (Management & Politics of Health Review). 

Abrams, M., Wharton, T., Cubillos-Novella, A., Vargas, A., & Riveros, M. (2022). Fractured Families and Social Networks: Identifying Risk and Resilience Factors for Supporting Positive Mental Health in Venezuelan Immigrant Groups. Journal of Families, Health, & Society, 40(3), 354-363. doi: 10.1037/fsh0000721 

You can see a short video of the Apopka clinic here:

This is the presentation from the 2020 SSWR conference. 

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Ibero-American Observatory on Human Mobility, Migration and Development (OBIMID):

América Latina en las Dinámicas de la Migración Internacional. Perspectívas críticas (book chapter):

 Development of Psychosomatic Medicine in the Latin American Region (book chapter):

Cross-Cultural Communication Mental Health, Public Policies and Primary Health Care in Colombia (article):


Mental Health, Public Policies and Primary Health Care in Colombia (article):


De la migración al retornola inclusión ciudadana de los jóvenes retornados del exterior a la ciudad de Bogotá (book chapter):


(Op Ed) El Espectador newspaper- El derecho la salud no tiene nacionalidad:

Identidades transnacionales: Jóvenes colombianos en contextos de migración internacional (book):óvenes_colombianos_en_contextos_de_migración_internacional 

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