Community Service & Partnerships

The Central Florida Dementia Care and Cure Initiative Task Force commissioned 5 focus groups in the Orlando metro area.

We spoke with 43 people at 4 locations - individuals living with dementia, their spouses/partners, adult children, friends, and professional and family caregivers.

This November 2018 report summarizes the findings of those groups, and the recommendations that were made by participants.


demings report - FINAL.pdf
elder abuse TracyW.mp4

Elder Abuse (filmed for Ask the Expert)


Apopka Clinic, Phi Alpha, & awards (2018)

The Apopka Clinic UCF outreach

LINK: Social Work takes national prize for work at Apopka clinic (article from UCF site)

We have held 10 clinics, and served 959 patients, as of July 2019.

Partnering with ADRC in Orlando

McCormick Research Institute and Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa: Partnering for development of evidence for program efficacy

Visiting Lecturer & Conference Talk in China, June 2018

Talking policy in the community & training advocates: Legislative Educational Advocacy Day with the National Association of Social Work in Florida and the Social Work Healthcare Education And Leadership Scholars grant

Community partnerships and activities, lectures, and workshops

Farmworkers Association & visiting scholars, 9th Circuit Court & Elder Ambassadors, Dealing with Dementia (RCI), Barry Law School, Conference talks, Team RWB, & other community events

Student Successes & Mentorship:

IPEs, Knights Clinic, Phi Alpha, conferences, etc.