Our Team

Executive Officers

Sofia Serrano

ASB President

Jaydn Kaplan

ASB Vice President

Payton Parker

ASB School Board Representative

I’m Payton Parker, Torrey Pines’ Student Board Representative. I am currently a Senior and have been in ASB for four years now. Other than ASB, I am captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team, founder of STEM Girls Club, and an avid volunteer. I intend to advocate on behalf of both students and staff at Torrey Pines to better our school, district, and community. If you want to make a change, I’m here to work with you!

Sophia Russo

ASB Secretary

Hi! My name is Sophia Russo and I am a senior at Torrey Pines. This year will be my fourth year in ASB and by far the best one yet! I am ASB Secretary and my main responsibilities are to sort the financial records in ASB and to make sure the ASB kids are documenting all the events they participate and help out in. Outside of this wonderful class I am a part of the Urth Club which is a volunteer club that’s main purpose is to give back to the community and show more appreciation to the earth. I am also a part of the IT girls club which is a coding club.

Sean Jabbar

ASB Treasurer

Hi my name is Sean Jabbar and I’m a senior. I’m the executive treasurer of Torrey pines. I am fired up for the possibilities of this year and I feel like it will be a year to remember. I’m a member of the football team and love Torrey pines!