Torrey Pines High School ASB

Torrey-Chella Homecoming

Saturday, October 16
7-10 pm @ TPHS
What's included: Live DJ, laser lights, CO2 blasters, Assorted Desserts, ice cream truck, Foos Ball, Air Hockey, Halo Selfie Stations, Photo Booth

Tickets Sales:
- 9/27-10/5 $30 w/ASB and $40 w/out
- 10/6-10/13 $35 w/ASB and $45 w/out
- Ticket sales end on Wednesday, October 13

Song Request Form:
Click here to request a song at the dance

Dodgeball Permission Slip:
Click here to download and bring the hard copy with you the event

Monday, October 11
- Western Wear
- Lunch Activity- Horseshoe Tournament @ gym
Tuesday, October 12
- Rock Band t-shirts
- Lunch Activity- Dodgeball @ weight room
Wednesday, October 13
- 70's Style
- Lunch Activity- Dodgeball @ weight room
- Last day to buy dance tickets
Thursday, October 14
- Y2K early 2000's
- Lunch Activity- Dodgeball @ weight room
Friday, October 15
- Class Colors (9-yellow; 10-red; 11- white; 12- black)
- Lunch Activity- School Trivia @ gym
- 5th period dress up contest
- Pink Out to the game vs. Mission Hills @ 7:15
- Coronation Ceremony @ half time

Torrey-Chella Homecoming Court

ASB SC Video from 9/29 announcing court

Freshmen- Scarlett Pace and Riley Tone
Sophomores- Kayla Whiting and Dakari Rumph
Juniors- Grace Flanagan and Dylan Friedland

Seniors- Olivia Schroeder and Otto Landrum
Caitlin Tresse and Finn McDevitt
Faith Bonano and Boris Said
Hannah Flannery and Kai Pessanha
Grace Souza and Mateo Pacelli

Torrey-Chella Homecoming Hype Video

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Cardinal Chaos @cardinalchaos
Senior Class of 2022
Junior Class of 2023
Sophomore Class of 2024
Freshmen Class of 2025

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 TP ASB Team

Executive Council

  • ASB President- Sofia Serrano

  • ASB Vice President- Jadyn Kaplan

  • ASB Secretary- Sophia Russo

  • ASB Treasurer- Sean Jabbar

  • Board Representative- Peyton Parker

Sophomore Class Council

  • Sophomore Class President- Savannah Keith

  • Sophomore Class Vice President- Laurel Gonzalez

  • Sophomore Class Secretary- Camille Samarasinghe

  • Sophomore Class Treasure- Grace Trusso

Junior Class Council

  • Junior Class President- Grace Flanagan

  • Junior class Vice President- Dylan Friedland

  • Junior Class Secretary- Lucy Holliday

  • Junior Class Treasure- Eva Lefferdink

Senior Class Council

  • Senior Class President- Brycen Monjazeb

  • Senior Class VP- Mateo Pacelli

  • Senior Class Secretary- Tatum O'coyne

  • Senior Class Treasure- Ella Carlson

  • Commissioner of Activities- Joelle Vitiello

    • Assistant- Chloe Lam, Megan Goelitz

  • Commissioner of Assemblies- Paige Parker

    • Assistant- Charlotte Bailey

  • Commissioner of Athletics- Andrew Livingston

    • Assistant- Joaquin Pruneda Paz

  • Commissioner of Elections- Sophia Fox

    • Assistant- Julia Liu

  • Commissioner of Philanthropy- Rohan Imhadar

    • Assistant- Ellie Kuehnert, Mia Mosebrooke

  • Commissioner of Clubs- Chloe Briggs

    • Assistant- Audrey Davidson

  • Commissioner of Technology- Cole Spector

    • Assistant- Arda Hoke

  • Commissioner of Academics- Juan Serrano

    • Assistant- Lily Gano

  • Commissioner of Publicity- Olivia Acers

    • Assistant- Gabrielle Camargo

  • Commissioner of During Lunch Activities- Jadyn Taylor

    • Assistant- John Prior

  • Quartermaster- Beau Rowan

    • Assistant- Yusuf Nawaz

  • Commissioner of Spirit- Lindsay Hole

    • Assistant to Spirit- Stella Mikolajewski

  • Floaters: Sumin Kim, Meli Trikas, William Schreckenguasht