Torrey Pines High School ASB

Torrey Pines High School ASB Mission Statement

We, the Associated Student Body of Torrey Pines High School, strive to engage and promote student interest throughout our school. We are dedicated to school spirit, leadership, student involvement and TP traditions. We encourage student voice, inclusivity, and community participation while taking pride in ourselves, each other and our school.


Upcoming Events

4/18-4/26 Seniored Out Rounmd #2

4/26 TP Blood Drive

4/28 Autism Awareness Day

5/2-5/5 Staff Appreciation Week

5/4 Prom tickets and Senior Week go on sale at Student Store

5/6 Senior Sweatshirt Day and Student Senate

5/13 Color Wars Pep Rally

5/19 Last day to buy Prom tickets

5/21 Prom (limo and guest forms available on dance page)

5/24 Last day to buy Senior Week tickets

Cardinal Chaos
Senior Class of 2022
Junior Class of 2023
Sophomore Class of 2024
Freshmen Class of 2025

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TPHS Blood Drive

Tuesday, April 26 in the gym

Link to sign up
Enter sponsor code: TPHS

Link for parent consent form

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 TP ASB Team

Executive Council

  • ASB President- Sofia Serrano

  • ASB Vice President- Jadyn Kaplan

  • ASB Secretary- Sophia Russo

  • ASB Treasurer- Sean Jabbar

  • Board Representative- Peyton Parker

Sophomore Class Council

  • Sophomore Class President- Savannah Keith

  • Sophomore Class Vice President- Laurel Gonzalez

  • Sophomore Class Secretary- Camille Samarasinghe

  • Sophomore Class Treasure- Grace Trusso

Junior Class Council

  • Junior Class President- Grace Flanagan

  • Junior class Vice President- Dylan Friedland

  • Junior Class Secretary- Lucy Holliday

  • Junior Class Treasure- Eva Lefferdink

Senior Class Council

  • Senior Class President- Brycen Monjazeb

  • Senior Class VP- Mateo Pacelli

  • Senior Class Secretary- Tatum O'coyne

  • Senior Class Treasure- Ella Carlson

  • Commissioner of Activities- Joelle Vitiello

    • Assistant- Chloe Lam, Megan Goelitz

  • Commissioner of Assemblies- Paige Parker

    • Assistant- Charlotte Bailey

  • Commissioner of Athletics- Andrew Livingston

    • Assistant- Joaquin Pruneda Paz

  • Commissioner of Elections- Sophia Fox

    • Assistant- Julia Liu

  • Commissioner of Philanthropy- Rohan Imhadar

    • Assistant- Ellie Kuehnert, Mia Mosebrooke

  • Commissioner of Clubs- Chloe Briggs

    • Assistant- Audrey Davidson

  • Commissioner of Technology- Cole Spector

    • Assistant- Arda Hoke

  • Commissioner of Academics- Juan Serrano

    • Assistant- Lily Gano

  • Commissioner of Publicity- Olivia Acers

    • Assistant- Gabrielle Camargo

  • Commissioner of During Lunch Activities- Jadyn Taylor

    • Assistant- John Prior

  • Quartermaster- Beau Rowan

    • Assistant- Yusuf Nawaz

  • Commissioner of Spirit- Lindsay Hole

    • Assistant to Spirit- Stella Mikolajewski

  • Floaters: Sumin Kim, Meli Trikas, William Schreckenguasht