This programme for this half day workshop is likely to change. We estimate that the workshop will take three hours on the 17th of June, 2020, however it is advisable to put aside four hours.

This workshop is a fully interactive workshop which depends on full participation. Your contribution will cumulatively build towards a resulting idea that will be presented by your breakout group back to the workshop. Therefore, we can not allow partial participation.


Estimated Total time: 3 Hours (including 2 x 10 min breaks)

Welcome, Introduction, Agenda and Ice Breaker

What toy did you love playing with most as a child?

    • What did you love about it?
    • What would be the equivalent built in today’s technology?

Position Paper Presentations

Rapid verbal description of position and quick focused visualisation of ideas

Prioritising discussions

Cluster key topics for use in group activities.

Coffee Break (10 mins)

  • Share the view from your window.

Set up of Ideation groups

  • Revisit grouped themes
  • Walk through illustrative example
  • Welcome teams into break out areas

"Go to" the Miro Board. Enter breakout areas in Zoom.

Focused Group Design

  • Activities designed to deep dive into chosen topic
  • Each group will be guided through low fidelity prototyping activities

Map where your theme effects people in their daily lives and Identify opportunities to design for specific touch points.

Facilitator will help to document and format headline.

Coffee Break (10 mins)

  • Share the view from your window.

Groups Report Back

Everyone shares back to the workshop using their board

Final Wrap up - Reflections and Conclusion