This programme for this half day workshop is likely to change. The timings and detailed structure of group activities will be adjusted to take into account the number of participants of the workshop.

  1. Welcome, Introduction, Agenda and Ice Breaker (20 minutes):
    • Opening phase to introduce organisers and participants to each other, description of the workshop objectives and structure and ice breaker activities.
  2. Position Paper Defence (~1 minutes per position paper):
    • Rapid description of position and quick focused visualisation of ideas. Participants will be encouraged to read position papers accepted into the workshop.
  3. Prioritisation of Discussion Questions (30 minutes):
    • Summarise notes taken during the defence of position papers aggregated with relevant issues identified during the pre-workshop phases. Key topics will be identified for use in group activities.
  4. Coffee Break
  5. Set up of Ideation groups (20 minutes):
    • Groups set up to discuss key topics.
  6. Focused Group Design (90 minutes):
    • Each group will be guided through low fidelity prototyping activities. . . The activities will be designed to deep dive into issues arising from the topic discussions.
  7. Groups Report Back (20 minutes):
    • Groups report back on the main findings from their discussions
  8. Wrap up - Reflections and Conclusion (20 minutes):
    • Discussion of participant satisfaction and potential collaborative efforts.