Position Papers

Accepted position papers

  1. "InteractiveStorytelling for Edutainment", Evangelos Kapros, Endurae OÜ & the Science Gallery at Trinity College, the University of Dublin.
  2. "My Naturewatch: Inviting Kids (and adults) toParticipate in a Wildlife Programme", William Gaver and Andy Boucher, Interaction Research Studio, Goldsmiths, University of London.
  3. "Interactive, Inclusive Streaming for Children", Vishal Singh Sengar, Aryan Saini, and Aman Pranami, Weave Lab, Indraprastha Institute Of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi).
  4. "Instant Hybrid Activity & Media Experience", Robert Strzebkowski, Beuth University of Technology Berlin.
  5. "Holographic displays and Interactive characters", Spencer Marsden, BBC.
  6. 'Interactive Play and Modern Media Tools', Roman Ganhör, Florian Güldenpfennig and Peter Fikar, TU Wien.
  7. "Designing Intergenerational Media Experiences", Veronica Pialorsi (University of Salford) and Pejman Saeghe (University of Manchester).

We encourage accepted participants to read all position papers before the workshop (17th of June). This is even more vital for online conferences in order to make collaborating together over zoom more efficient and less tiring.