Digital Inquiry

Collect and analyze data to assess digital learning needs and/or evaluate the impact of digital learning in authentic settings (NETS-A.4, NETS-C.4).

During ECI 519 learning analytics were applied for social network analysis of Twitter following the NCTIES Conference to answer the question:

To what extent and in what ways do conference participants contribute to the #NCTIES17 Digital Professional Learning Network?

During the execution of this project, my own data was scooped up by CBS News in a follow up story about how viewers reacted to a story by Anderson Cooper. The irony was not lost on me and I plan to be more careful about "public" tweets, while refusing to set my account to private. For what would be the point as I continue to build my Digital Professional Learning Network?

(Screen capture grabbed from

Screenshot of my quoted Tweet from CBS News

My tweet scooped by CBS News

The case study below was conducted with a virtual team during ECI 519 to analyze the use of a software program to achieve goals with problem-based learning and make recommendations for improvement.