2020 Annual Awards Recipients

NLCC Cadet of the Year: LC4 Noah Bourbeau

NSCC Cadet of the Year: PO2 Gavin Farnsworth

Instructor of the Year: INST Kevin Jackson

Officer of the Year: ENS Jennifer Glomb


Our Mission

Since March 25, 1964, Top Hatters Squadron has instilled pride, professionalism, and leadership in youths aged 10-18. At 57 years old, Top Hatters Squadron is among the oldest Naval Sea Cadet Corps Units in active commission.

Based on-board Naval Station Norfolk, Top Hatters provides a challenging and rewarding educational environment, closely aligned to our Nation’s sea-going services.

As a non-profit youth organization, Top Hatters Squadron is operated by an all-volunteer staff of active duty service members, retirees, veterans, and civilians alike.

Why Join?

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadets provides a unique perspective into military life. For some, the opportunity to find life-long mentors and develop professional relationships is invaluable. For others, the comradery and hands-on training experience simply cannot be replaced.

Advancement in the Naval Sea Cadet Corps also entitles our Cadets to advanced pay-grades if they choose to enlist in the Armed Forces following graduation. The U.S. Navy has authorized enlistment at the rank of E-3, for example.

Enlistment is not the only option for those wishing to serve following graduation. Prior cadets receive Military Academy and NROTC acceptances at higher rates than their counterparts.

In addition, the Naval Sea Cadet Corps has unique scholarship opportunities, with 17 different scholarship funds contributing to the advanced education of exceptional cadets.

Training Today's Youth For Tomorrow's Navy