Spinbackup review: affordable cloud backup with unlimited storage

Spinbackup is a reputable San Francisco based cybersecurity company, famous for its SaaS (Software as a Service) data protection platform. Their software is easy to use, and it is targeted to both individuals and corporations. Spinbackup is one of the best small companies providing cloud-to-cloud customizable backup solutions.

If you were searching for a free Gmail backup solution, this is the right product for you. You can easily set up your Gmail recovery (Google Drive recovery) process absolutely free of charge. The only catch is that their free package is limited to 4GB of data, so if you have lots of files or Gmail data, you would need to pay $4 per month.

If you are a hardcore Google services user and you very well know what the G Suite is, the Spinbackup software will backup it all. The $4/month Spinbackup package will give you the whole range of tools you expect from a reliable backup solution, like auto-backup scheduler, unlimited restores, 24/7 livechat/email support, etc. How good is that for only $4 per month?

For those who wish to have more control over their backup tool, Spinbackup offers an option to choose your cloud and location. Users can opt-in to store their backup data in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS) clouds. The simplicity and low cost of this Gmail backup solution (other G Suite apps can be backed up too) are creating probably the best way to keep your personal Google accounts safe.

Spinbackup offers even a wider range of products for its corporate clients. It includes Spinbackup for Office 365 and ransomware protection. As you may already know, the best way to protect your company against ransomware attacks is a good backup strategy. Spinbackup adds even more tools to prevent ransomware, so their data protection solution (which includes both cloud backup software and ransomware protection software) is the ultimate one-stop product for companies of any size. Using their service to backup your corporate Microsoft Office and Gmail data will not make your company bankrupt – it is only $8 per month for the whole package.

Because Spinbackup is a partner of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, their users have the flexibility to store their backup data in any of those popular clouds (GCP, Azure, or AWS), plus the clients can have peace of mind knowing that they can arrange the data migration process at any time. But the best news is that Spinbackup now offers unlimited backup storage for any corporate clients, so it is probably the best value for money data backup and protection solution on the market.

Talking about the ransomware protection part, Spinbackup helps to identify the ransomware attack source, actually blocking the malware and its encryption process. If a ransomware attack already happened, Spinbackup will help to find damaged files, and it will significantly save your time by recovering the encrypted files from the last version of the backup you have for them. There is a number of settings allowing you to conduct the sensitive data audit and be even more prepared for the ransomware attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated every month.

We hope that this short Spinbackup review helped you to understand that using cloud backup solutions is not only easy but affordable as well. Spinbackup is a good example of an all-in-one data protection solution, and their affordable Gmail recovery service can be used by ordinary Gmail users free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Make your Google emails backed up in minutes!