A guide to choosing the best antivirus software

In this short guide, we will explain the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing antivirus software for your computer or smartphone. All operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS, ChromeOS, etc. are at risk, so you need to take the cybersecurity matters very seriously. The modern society endorses us to use many digital gadgets, where we access our money and store some sensitive personal information. Because of this, you only have two ways – get some comfort away from you by refusing to use these fast and convenient technologies, or you may continue to enjoy using them, but then you need to care about the data protection very seriously.

A safe digital future requires both your attention and quality antivirus software. It is important to understand that no antivirus program offers 100% protection! But you can be 99% secure if using one of the top antivirus solutions available, plus staying alert when surfing online or using your mobile gadgets.

What is the major cybersecurity expert advice in 2019?

It may sound scary, but the main expert advice is to remember that nobody can be 100% secure on the internet, even after purchasing the best antivirus software. Particularly, you need to be extremely careful with the unfamiliar emails you open and the links you click in them. Stay alert at all times, and this will dramatically decrease the risk of being hacked via the phishing baits. Don't forget that governments and large corporations (like Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, etc.) are constantly hacked too. Because they have so many employees, there will always be a person who opens the corporate doors by clicking a bad link inside a phishing email.

The good news is that an ordinary person or a small business will not usually be targeted by hackers so heavily. So if you purchase good antivirus software, avoid visiting suspicious websites and clicking weird links in your emails, you will be almost 100% safe. Unfortunately, without an advanced antivirus package and internet safety precautions, the chances of being hacked or get your identity stolen will increase dramatically. For an active internet user, who does not take internet security matters seriously, it is becoming almost impossible to avoid being hacked regularly.

Does free antivirus software with a reasonable level of protection exist?

The first cybersecurity principle that is so important to understand is that the worst thing a person can do for his cyber-defense is installing an unofficial (hacked) version of a famous antivirus. Be very cautious when searching for a free antivirus over the internet. It may seem obvious, but many of us do not realize that any expensive software can be free only in one situation – when it is hacked. Hackers modify the software to make it free, but they also add anything they want to the code of the program. In other words, when you are searching for a free version of a paid software, you may easily end up with being hacked by that exact piece of software. The cybersecurity space is one of the most complicated industries, constantly requiring top educated and talented people. The best minds work developing the antivirus software; thus this kind of software can’t be free. For world-class antivirus protection you can get up to 50-60% off during some promotional period (check this web page out), but no more. You will doubtfully get reliable antivirus software free of charge. Ever.

Do top antivirus brands perform better against 'zero day' attacks?

Hackers know they are challenged by the top antivirus software solutions, so these criminals try to use so-called 'zero day' attacks for increasing their chances. This approach has been very efficient, because 'zero day' attacks are those using a new and unique version of malware which acts before the antivirus company gathers some information from the devices of the first victims. The speed of getting this kind of information is important for developing counteractions and build them into the antivirus algorithms. That is why it is really crucial for the company to have a huge client base, simply because they want to gather these important data as quickly as possible. Moreover, the larger cybersecurity expert talent pool is owned by the company, the faster the solution will be.

What features do you expect from the best antivirus software?

Nowadays, the best antivirus software solutions offer real-time protection. It means that it is no more enough just to run a manual antivirus scan once a week. Furthermore, it is no more enough just to schedule a regular scan for removing the existing trojans and viruses. Remember that when your home network is infected with a virus, all your devices are becoming vulnerable, not only the one infected. So, it is crucial to have real-time antivirus protection, which will prevent the viruses from getting into your PC or mobile device. Moreover, the best antivirus software solutions offer such features as spyware protection and removal, ransomware protection and removal, plus such useful optional features like VPN and Parental Control. Some people will also benefit from the Password Manager feature, which is very convenient when you manage multiple online accounts. The most advanced PC antivirus software will also offer Webcam Shield, and phishing URL blocker as well.

Depending on your usual scope of online activity, you will decide which extra features are required in your situation. But the main thing is that the antivirus software should be from an established cybersecurity brand and it should be purchased from the official website (it is usually the cheapest option) or as a physical package in your local trusted electronics retailer.