BullGuard review: fast and affordable antivirus with great flexibility

BullGuard is a Danish cybersecurity company with over 50 million clients all over the world. Its antivirus software is active since 2001. Only two years after the foundation, BullGuard already had 3 million installations, so the company obviously has a long history of defeating cyberattacks. In fact, BullGuard is one of the most experienced brands in the cybersecurity industry. Even though BullGuard’s brand is not so well known as Norton or McAfee, its antivirus software is pretty sophisticated and wide-spread in many countries.

BullGuard was originally a Danish company but now has reversative offices in several countries with its headquarters located in London. Besides solid cybersecurity expertise, the company is famous for making very intuitive and easy to understand interface together with its pretty complicated and customizable anti-malware products. Even though its core target audience consists of ordinary people without considerable technical background, the company allows a large number of advanced settings for those who want customization. That’s why BullGuard mostly perceived as a greatly customizable malware protection solution with relatively easy interface compared to other antivirus brands. Because many things could be tuned manually, it makes BullGuard anti-malware products especially useful for experienced users (the segment of people who have a history of using antivirus products).

Another well-known BullGuard’s feature is free online backup space available for the users of its virus protection software. Among their great features, we can mention BullGuard’s strong anti-ransomware algorithm, which is so useful at the time when the ransomware is constantly growing. BullGuard offers some popular side products, too: VPN, Parent Control, Secure Browser, Spam Filter, etc.

In this BullGuard review, we will take a look at the major aspects of this anti-malware software and the related useful products which are all aimed to make your Internet experience much safer.

BullGuard’s Advanced Machine Learning

Major antivirus software solutions are good at finding existent viruses and ransomware. They have a large database of clients, and after the first victims deliver valuable data to the cybersecurity company, it saves many other clients in the future. At the moment when a few thousands of computers are affected, cybersecurity companies are usually ready to come up with some first cure. Sounds good, if you are not among those few thousands who’s data was destroyed or encrypted. You will not be happy if your identity is stolen, either. For those who want to make sure the luck is on their side, BullGuard offers the products which include some complicated mathematical algorithms in combination with deep machine learning methods. This type of software makes sure your device is much better protected from zero-day threats (new malware).

BullGuard Secure Browser

When we use some type of antivirus software, we usually install a plugin to our favorite browser so that it blocks various malicious websites or give us a hint on what places are not safe to visit. It is great help, but the process could be improved even further. As the browsers are produced by the third party, cybersecurity companies usually need some time to adapt to new patches and updates. Furthermore, users need to keep an eye on the recent updates to make sure the browser-plugin link is on its place and up to date. When using BullGuard’s own Secure Browser, you do not break that safe browsing experience even temporarily, and you do not need to keep an eye on any updates. Moreover, BullGuard’s browser has much better security-wise choices, so that you do not share your private information, and at the same time, you have the same useful quality of life features, like address bar hints, etc.

Parental Control Solution

We want to make sure our kids are protected while they are browsing the Internet. BullGuard Parental Control solution gives you great tools to have smart and customizable control over your kid’s internet adventure. The software will block access to suspicious websites, filter some unwanted content, monitor the activity of your kids, and even limit the time they spend online. It is up to you how much freedom you want to give to your child online, but BullGuard’s Parental Control solution will anyway keep your child much safer (even with a low level of restrictions).

Game Booster

Sure, you want to be a good parent, protecting your kids online. At the same time, you don’t want to make your kids nervous by interrupting their gaming experience. Most anti-malware software solutions can disrupt the performance of your computer, especially during the gaming process. But the good news is you do not necessarily need to sacrifice your safety for performance. With BullGuard Game Booster you can keep your child safe and run all necessary protection algorithms at the same time. Again, it is up to you how much can your children play video games, but when they play, give them a gift of uninterrupted gaming.

Flexibility and support

One of the best-known features of BullGuard antivirus is the profile system. You can set up some custom profiles which reflect your computing style. So, you can reduce some unwanted interruptions, or launch a specific feature after a chosen application starts. BullGuard is known for its speedy performance, too, together with its overall high level of customization. The company offers its product in multiple languages, and its livechat support operates 24/7. The good thing is that you can test everything before buying their subscription, as BullGuard offers 15-days free trial for their antivirus solution.

In this BullGuard review, we tried to describe only the specific antivirus software features, that are BullGuard’s major differentiation points. In addition to that, their products have everything you expect from a good virus protection software. The discount offer page of BullGuard is located here.