This page lists some recent pieces of public writing.

Posts | 2019

Native graph data in Elixir (2019-04-26)

Using libgraph for graph data structures

Graph to graph with Elixir (2019-04-12)

Moving data between semantic and property graphs

Property graphs and Elixir (2019-03-19)

Accessing Neo4j from Elixir with Bolt and Cypher

Posts | 2018

Jupyter Notebooks with Elixir and RDF (2018-11-02)

Using IElixir in JupyterLab with the SPARQL.Client package

Robust compute for RDF queries (2018-10-19)

Managing fault tolerance in Elixir with supervision trees

Working with SHACL and Elixir (2018-10-12)

Applying SPARQL.ex to RDF shapes

Querying RDF with Elixir (2018-10-05)

Using SPARQL.ex to query over RDF datastores

Early steps in Elixir and RDF (2018-10-01)

Using RDF.ex to work with RDF vocabularies in Elixir