After graduating I contracted for 3 years as Research Associate with the Unit for Space Sciences in the University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC) from 1978–1981.

The lab’s research focus was on cosmic dust studies, moon rock analysis, and hypervelocity impacts. I joined a new project to build a micrometeoroid sensor package for the NASA LDEF satellite.

LDEF – or the Long Duration Exposure Facility – was a large platform for hosting multiple experiments in space for 12 months in near-Earth orbit and return to Earth for analysis.

In 1982 I went off to Copenhagen for 4 years to become Assistant to the Editors for the journal Nuclear Physics A which was owned by North-Holland Publishing, by then a part of Elsevier.

This was a very prominent journal in the field of nuclear and hadronic physics, and it published some 10,000 pages per year in weekly issues. My work included all the desk-editing, proof-reading and issue make-up for the journal.

For historical reasons the editorial office was maintained at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, but it reported in to Amsterdam.

I then spent 10 years as Scientific Editor with NATO SACLANTCEN in La Spezia, Italy, and finished by heading up the department which had a staff of 10 split across library, technical, and print/photo units.

The Centre is an international, multi-disciplinary research organization for the NATO nations doing classified research work in the fields of environmental acoustics, oceanography, operations research, and systems research.

This was an exciting time, beginning with desktop computing and finishing with web publishing – a real pivot point in information delivery. PCs and networks were just being introduced. And then in 1994 we put up the first NATO website which I both managed and developed.

Over the last 20 years or so I have worked for some of the leading academic publishers and have reported in variously to San Diego, Amsterdam, and London.

I have worked with both science journals and books and helped to deliver these as online products.

Initially I was involved in content workflows but later as information architect (and then as data architect) I became involved in developing publications standards and in creating discovery services.

Most recently I have been working with semantic models and building large-scale knowledge graphs both for enterprise applications and for public discovery services.