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Linked data architecture

Knowledge representation and engineering

A passion for distributed data, distributed compute – the graph!


My experience is in online information systems with a key focus on linked data architecture, and knowledge representation and engineering.

I am passionate about knowledge engineering and web technologies, and especially using graph databases and ontologies to build out integrated systems over distributed datasets.

I am currently (2020) contracting with UBS on a project to build an enterprise knowledge graph and also (2019/20) writing a book about managing and querying information graphs with a functional programming language—Elixir.


Previously I was part of a cross-functional team that developed the SciGraph linked open data (LOD) platform from Springer Nature – a one billion facts dataset published to the LOD cloud.

Prior to that I led development on the Nature Publishing Group LOD data platform data.nature.com.

I've had experience of working on both sides of the scientific publishing information supply chain, from international research centres to leading academic publishing houses. My background is in physics with astrophysics, and in space sciences.


  • Data integration
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Linked data
  • Ontologies
  • Taxonomies

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