AGEC 375 The Process of Economic Research (Spring - annual, Undergraduate)

This course is a study of the process of conducting economic research. The course examines the research problem and objectives, literature review, conceptual framework, methods and procedures, and reporting research. Students will identify a research topic and project advisor. For Honors program students only in Agricultural Economics.

AGEC 602, Preparations and Procedures for Policy Analysis (Spring - annual, Graduate)

This course provides an introduction to research design and communication in applied economics, with a particular focus on problems in agriculture and natural resources. Topics covered include research methods, scientific methodology, problem identification, and the nature of policy problems including economic policy readings, case studies, and practice project proposals.

AGEC 600, Agricultural Finance (Fall - odd numbered years, Graduate)

This course provides an overview of the current academic literature in agricultural finance. Topics include farm structure and income, assets, credit, risk and insurance, and policy and taxation.

In addition, I am the Ag Econ Undergraduate Honors Program Coordinator. Many of our students with outstanding academic performance complete a thesis under the supervision of a faculty mentor. More information about the program is available here.


I advise undergraduate and graduate students in independent research projects related to financial issues in agricultural and resource economics. If you have an interest in learning more about current opportunities in undergraduate or graduate research at Purdue, please contact me or visit our department homepage.