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Recent publications

T.H. Kuethe, B. Brewer, and C. Fiechter (2022) "Loss Aversion in Farmland Price Expectations" Land Economics, forthcoming. [link]

W. Zhang, S. Lence, and T.H. Kuethe (2022) "Are Expert Opinions Accurate? Panel Data Evidence from the Iowa Land Value Survey'' Land Economics, forthcoming. [link]

T.H. Kuethe, C. Fiechter, and D. Oppedahl (2022) "Perceived Competition in Agricultural Lending: Stylized Facts and an Agenda for Future Research" Agricultural Finance Review, forthcoming. [link]

T.H. Kuethe, S. Bora, and A. Katchova (2022) "Improving ERS's Net Cash Income Forecasts using USDA Baseline Projections" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, forthcoming. [link]

Selected publications

Bora, S.S., A.L. Katchova, and T.H. Kuethe (2021) "The Rationality of USDA Forecasts under Multivariate Asymmetric Loss" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 103 (3): 1006-1033. [link]

Isengildina‐Massa, O. , Karali B., Kuethe, T.H., and Katchova, A.L. (2021) "Joint Evaluation of the System of USDA 's Farm Income Forecasts" Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 43 (3): 1140-1160. [link]

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