My extension and outreach program helps policymakers, farmers, and landowners make better decisions to ensure a safer, more flexible, and more stable agricultural economy.

  • I run Purdue's annual Land Values and Cash Rent Survey. The most recent survey results are available here. I discussed the survey findings with Jim Mintert and Michael Langemeier in a Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture webinar (available here) and the Center's podcast Purdue Commercial AgCast (available here).

  • I frequently provide outlook presentations on farmland market conditions and agricultural credit. A recent example from the Purdue Top Farmer Conference is available here.

  • I am co-editor of our Department's flagship extension publication Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (PAER), along with Brady Brewer and Roman Keeney. PAER publishes concise outlook and applied research articles on a variety of topics. I also write on a variety of topics including agricultural land values and cash rental rates (here), economic outlook (here), and USDA's farm income forecast (here).

  • I'm a frequent guest on the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture's podcast Purdue Commercial AgCast. Our discussions have discussed farmland market conditions (here), the Purdue Land Values and Cash Rent Survey (here), and my research on USDA's farm income forecasts (here).

  • While at the University of Illinois, I was a frequent contributor to farmdocDaily. My previous articles are available here.