Tobias Lehmann

Welcome! I am a postdoc at USI Lugano interested in labor and inequality. I am also a research affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics IZA.

You find my CV here


Work in Progress

The Effect of Employer Reputation on Applications and Wages
with John Horton and Sunny Lee

Non-Wage Job Value Adjustments Under Monopsony
with Fabrizio Colella


Econometrics, Bachelor/Master, 2022
TA of Quentin Gallea and Martin Huber

Health Economics, 2017/2018/2019
TA of Mark Dusheiko and Jürgen Maurer

Macroeconomics, Bachelor, 2018/2019/2020
TA of Kenza Benhima  and Florin Bilbiie

Negotiation, Master, 2019
TA of Charles Efferson

Co-advisor for master theses (with Rafael Lalive and Camille Terrier)

Policy Oriented Publications and Reports

Impact evaluation of the job vacancy notice obligation I, 2021, Coverage: NZZ, Luzerner Zeitung, Die Volkswirtschaft
with Achim Ahrens, Patrick Arni, Dominik Hangartner, Rafael Lalive and Joëlle Pianzola

COVID-19 financial support to small businesses in Switzerland: evaluation and outlook
Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 156(1), 113
with Marius Brühlhart, Rafael Lalive and Michael Siegenthaler

The labor market in Switzerland, 2000--2018, IZA World of Labor, 2020
with Rafael Lalive

Disruption of the Swiss labor market: 2020 Corona crisis and 2008 Financial crisis compared,  2020
with Rafael Lalive, Jan-Egbert Sturm, David Dorn, Marius Brülhart, Monika Bütler, Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Luca Crivelli, Michael Siegenthaler, and Fabrizio Colella

Corona crisis and the self-employed, 2020, Coverage: NZZ am Sonntag
with Marius Brühlhart, Jeremias Klaeui, Rafael Lalive and Michael Siegenthaler

Job search during the COVID-19 lockdown, 2020, Coverage: SonntagsBlick
with Rafael Lalive and Michael Siegenthaler

Vorstudie zur Evaluation der Stellenmeldepflicht, 2020
with Rafael Lalive

A Quality Check of the Part-Time Employment Indicator in the Austrian Wage Tax Data, 2019


Università della Svizzera italiana
Department of Economics
Via Buffi 13
6900 Lugano