I am Timo Klein, a final-year PhD candidate at the Tinbergen Institute and the Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam.

My specialisation is in Competition Economics and Industrial Organisation. In my research I use theoretical, empirical and computational methods to look at novel competition policy concerns in digital and financial markets. I am supervised by prof. dr. Maarten Pieter Schinkel.

My main project looks at the capacity of self-learning pricing algorithms to collude. More and more, prices are set by computer algorithms instead of humans. If algorithms are capable of colluding by themselves, this could lead to higher prices without any illegal human behavior. In my latest working paper on the topic, I show how and when simple machine learning algorithms can indeed learn to coordinate on collusive equilibria.

See my SSRN author page as well as this site for all publicly available working papers!

This year I will be attending the EEA European Academic Job Market for Economists. I am also open to interesting positions in either the private or public sector.


E-mail: t.klein@uva.nl