We want to thank our sponsors who have made donations to help us with this project. Generous donations of wood to help offset the costs of making boxes.

Cygnus Lumber & Millworks – Lumber Yard located in Pungo, Virginia Beach Virginia VA

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A very special thanks goes to Ed and Kelli at Woodcraft Virginia Beach/ Norfolk for donating multiple gift certificates to use as incentives to our members to produce boxes.

As part of our community outreach program, we support the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD) in Norfolk Virginia. We turn boxes for the Beads of Courage program and donate those boxes to CHKD for children undergoing treatment for serious medical conditions.

Through Beads of Courage, children receive a unique bead to represent each procedure or treatment. For example, a red bead for each blood transfusion, a yellow bead for each night in the hospital, a star bead for surgery, a white bead for chemotherapy. Beads of Courage members may receive thousands of beads. Their collection of beads becomes a tangible record of their journey. Each wood turned box will be used to hold a sick child’s precious beads.

Since we started the project we have delivered a total of 76 boxes to CHKD for the kids suffering from various types of cancer. We are making the deliveries quarterly. The first was in December of 2020, and then in March, June, and September of 2021. Our next delivery will be early December 2021. As you know, the kids use the boxes to store the various color beads they accumulate representing the multiple mileposts, treatments, etc. that they experience while fighting their disease.

We encourage all our members to turn boxes for CHKD. We have had twelve different individuals make boxes.

The round bead sizes are: 3/4 "+ with a thickness of 1/4 “ + with a 1/8 through hole+.

Guidelines for Turned Boxes:

If possible, have “Beads of Courage” engraved or burned in the lid, or leave a place to insert a bead.

It is desirable for your boxes to hold them all. As a result, turned or rectangular lidded boxes need to be large. Larger is better! Recommended interior dimensions for turned boxes are: 6'' diameter (5'' min.), 5'' height (4'' min.). Recommended interior dimensions for flatwork boxes are 4"x6”x4"

Box bases should be wide enough so the box is stable and does not tip over easily. Lids for Beads of Courage boxes should be easy for small or ill children to remove or lift. Any finials should be easy for a small child to grasp and not too elaborate so they don't break. Avoid excessively elaborate designs that may easily break or be damaged; remember, hospital rooms have limited storage space.

Finishing of boxes is extremely important! Beads of Courage members who receive these boxes are susceptible to germs/ infections/mold. Bowls that have not been properly sealed can harbor mold. Please take the time to ensure you are using a safe finishing process that does not contain toxic materials. Also do not use finishes like linseed oil that take a long time to outgas.

All kinds of wood are beautiful! Please refrain from painting Beads of Courage boxes. Instead, highlight the beauty of the wood with clear varnish, a stain, and/or burning.

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Beads of Courage Box Instructions NWWT Ver 2 7 Oct 2021.docx
Beads of Courage Inst Ver 2 5 Oct 2021.pptx

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