Evolve is an initiative to help new FTC teams start. This event is currently postponed, but feel free to sign up anyway. Please note:


If you are forming a new team, or are transferring from FLL to FTC, this program is perfect. Knowing ourselves how difficult rookie year can be, we have devised a program to teach the basics. Members of a team can choose one of three classes, Building, Coding, or CADing. See Below for more information on each class. We ask that teams split themselves evenly among the three courses for balance. You do not have to bring any equipment. If you cannot attend the live event, you can still check out the online version at evolveftc.com.

In addition to the three main classes, lessons about the Engineering Notebook will take place at the beginning and throughout the courses. There will also be an optional mentor class taught by the Thunder Pengwin mentors during the main class session. The final event of Evolve is the MiniBot, in which participants will be able to race the minibots they built, coded, or CADed, against their friends. Learn more about the schedule and agenda below.



In this class, you learn to assemble tetrix parts, mount electric components, and understand the necessary components of an FTC robot. Students will know which parts to use and how to connect them to achieve the goals of the robot.


In this class, we introduce Android Studio, programming with java, and uploading and configuring the phones. Students will be able to make motors turn and respond to controllers, and will also be shown a step-by-step guide for downloading java and android studio.


In this class, you learn the benefits and possibilities of 3D design, especially using the Solidworks program. Students will be able to model and test components of a robot and prepare designs to be 3D printed for use in the design of the robot.

Mentor Class

In a more laid back environment, our mentors will show their experience and advice on coaching or mentoring an FTC team. Lessons range from guiding, not controlling to Financial Dealings.


Intro Presentation (6:00 - 6:15)

In the beginning presentation, we will explain in more detail the things that are about to take place in addition to supplying everyone with MiniBooks. The MiniBook is a way to teach FTC members to write in their Engineering Notebook.

Classes (6:20 - 7:50)

The classes will run nonstop to 7:50, and will include the CADing, Building, or Programming of a small robot. If a class ends early, we'll do a lesson Outreach.

MiniBot Races(8:00 - 8:30)

Using the two robots they created in class, students will be able to race through an obstacle course to beat their opponent or score a good time.


Registration is available anytime, but please sign up as soon as possible. To register for Evolve, please fill out the following form:

Event Location

The venue is currently Thomson Reuters