Our team includes: Nora, Eric, Miki, Joey, and Jackson. Our mentors are Chris, Terry, Christine, and Ann. There are also others who help out. To learn how you can help us, visit the fundraising page.

Miki Joa - Miki Joa is one of the original members. Her favorite subject in school is Art. Miki enjoys designing and building on the team. She likes to read, draw, and watch TV in her free time. Miki would like to grow up and be a imagineer(a designer for Disney)

Joey Miller - Joey Miller likes do CAD in Solidworks. His favorite subject is math. He likes innovation and design. Joey would like to grow up to be a designer in CAD.

Nora Dixon - Nora is a member on the team that was previously on the FLL team "The Wild Girls". On the team she codes and programs the robot. She enjoys Math and Science at school. Nora would like to grow up to be an architect.

Meg Sebastian - Meg is another member that was also on "the wild girls" FLL team. She enjoys science and designing on the team. Along with this meg loves to work on outreach on the team. Meg is a part time member, who joins us in the summer.

Eric Patton - Eric is another PengWin who loves to Program. He loves working with programs and mathematics on the team.

Jackson Sheldon - Jackson is a member who joined us in our third year. He has a great work ethic, and works in building, the engineering notebook, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

As a team we all work very hard throughout the season to do our very best. However, this would not be possible without the support of our amazing coaches, mentors, and parents.

Chris - He has helped out since the beginning of the Thunder PengWin Robotics Team, and is now one of the coaches. He always helps us do better and inspires us to do our best.

Christine - Christine helps us with programming and helps us better understand how to program. Though she is not always there in person, she is always available through emails and conference calls.

Terry - Terry is another coach, who helps mostly with building storage, but who is always full of ideas and wisdom.

Ann - As an occasional FIRST judge, Ann is great at helping us make clear and informative presentations and notebook material