Here you can find important links, web pages, resources, and fun musical links!

Important and useful links

Band Info Night Video 2020 (BB families-please watch!) -

Smart Music Login - click on the 'New' Smart Music

School Website -

Baum's Music - Local instrument dealer and repair shop

JW Pepper - Listen to almost every piece of music we play!

Albuquerque Youth Symphony -

Best tuner app for your phone -

Fun Music-related Sites

Listen to Wikipedia - Be sure to click 'enable' sound

Patatap - Create music with your computer keyboard

Chrome Music Lab -

Every Noise At Once - Hear what every musical genre sounds like!

Radio Garden - Hear radio stations from around the world!

Music -

Google Metronome -

Online Tuner -

Flash Notes - Learn your note names!

Music Racer -

Just For Fun

Line Rider -

Sinuous -

Entanglement -

Helicopter Game -