THMS Thunder Band


The Thunder Band is a music program at Tony Hillerman Middle School, located on the west side of Albuquerque in New Mexico. Under the direction of Mr. Patrick Beare and Mr. Ian Davis, the Thunder Band is comprised of 7 musical ensembles including Steel Drum Band 1 and Steel 2, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Intermediate Band, Beginning Band, and 5th grade Band.


Please join us for Beginning Band and Intermediate Band's 'Informance' on 10/14, see below for details! (intermediate- scroll down to the bottom of the page below)

Informance Invite.docx.pdf

Thunder Band Calendar

Our calendar of events is below. Many events are 'clickable', which will bring up additional information. The Thunder Band has many music ensembles within it, as such most calendar events use codes to help identify which ensembles the event pertains to. The codes are: BB=Beginning Band, IB=Intermediate Band, SB=Symphonic Band, SDB= Steel Drum Band (SDB1 is Steel Drum Band 1, SDB2 is Steel Drum Band 2), and JB=Jazz Band. Please check it often and consider adding this calendar to your phone for convenience! To do this, simply click the "+ Google Calendar" button found on the bottom right of the calendar below.