Other items

Library in a Box

Most schools and community centers do not have a library or area for books that are accessible to children. We created a Library in a Box for such places so that they could have a box full of our books that children can enjoy. The box includes a variety of our books, a teacher's guide, stickers, and activity sheets. Order yours today!

Activity Sheets

For each of our books, we have created a corresponding activity to use in a classroom or individual setting. The activities help children to further understand the topics the books address and allow for further creative exploration. Activities are for an audience from any economic background, using supplies that are easy to find in Myanmar.


Love stickers? We sell three books accompanied with stickers of the characters: Flying Cat, For the Love of Trees and Pone Pone's Garden. We also have sticker sheets of the other characters for purchase.

Puppets from Hla Day

The lovely crafters at Hla Day have created finger puppets and stick puppets for our books. You can get them at their store on Pansodan.