Burmese Books

May May Loves You (bilingual)

May May Loves You - Bilingual (readable).pdf

Jar Ni Wants to go to School (bilingual)

Jar Ni Wants to go to School.pdf

Duwun Learns to Shine (bilingual)

Duwun Learns to Shine- Bilingual.pdf

Ko Ko and Po Po Save for a Bicycle (bilingual)

Ko Ko and Po Po (readable).pdf

Cho Cho and the Popping Pods

Cho & Popping bilingual (readable).pdf

The Adventures of Milo (bilingual)

Milo - Bilingual (readable).pdf

Good Friends (bilingual)

Good Friend - Bilingual.pdf

Jay Jay the Journalist and the Lost Bicycle (bilingual)

Jay Jay and the Lost bicycle Bilingual - No Logo.pdf

The Bravest One (bilingual)

The Braves One Bilingual.pdf

Thu Ta

Thu Ta.pdf

Trust Me, I am a Rabbit (bilingual)

Trust me I am a rabbit- Bilingual.pdf



Their World

Their World- No Logo.pdf

The Squirrel and Lion King (bilingual)

Squirrel and Lion King Bilingual.pdf

Say No (bilingual)

Say No Bilingual.pdf

Phway Phway Won't Litter (bilingual)

Phway Phway - Bilingual.pdf

Rose Village (bilingual)

Rose Village - Bilingual.pdf

Peace from the Heart (bilingual)

Peace from the heart Bilingual.pdf

Apple Owner (bilingual)

Owner of Apple- Bilingual -readable fonts.pdf

Mi Shwe Wah

Mi Shwe Wah- No Logo.pdf

Freedom Story (bilingual)

Freedom Story - Bilingual.pdf

Green Leader (bilingual)

Green Leader - Bilingual (readable font).pdf

The Princess and Sugar Land (bilingual)

Copy of Book 35- The Princess and Sugar Land Layou ( No Logo)t.pdf

Pu Lone the Little Pillow (bilingual)

Pu Lone the Little Pillow.pdf

Superhero (bilingual)

Superhero- Bilingual.pdf

The Sewing Needle, Spool of Thread and Five Brothers (bilingual)

Sewing Needle, Spool of Thread and Five Fingers - Bilingual.pdf

Jungle Friends (bilingual)

Jungle Friends -TSP Logo.pdf

Jay Jay the Journalist (bilingual)

Jay Jay the Journalist .pdf

Little Bear's Hobby (bilingual)

Little Bear's Hobby.pdf

Mi Mi Lay's Sandals (bilingual)

Book 33 - Mee Mee Lay 's Sandals- Bilingual.pdf

Little Grey Umbrella (bilingual)

Little Gray Umbrella.pdf

Maung Sola (bilingual)

Sola the Pencil.pdf

Nat Pauk Si

Nat Pauk Si.pdf

Little Chicken Egg

Little Chicken Egg.pdf

Who is Wah Wah? (bilingual)

Who is Wah Wah - Bilingual.pdf

White Cloud and Black Cloud (bilingual)

White and Black Cloud No Logo.pdf

Broom Story

Broom Story No logo.pdf

Village in the Clouds

Copy of Book 36 - Village in the Cloud Layout ( no logo).pdf

The Alphabet Story


Playtime for Mee Su

Playtime for Mee Su.pdf

Helpful Dragons

Copy of Book 37 -Dragons Layout ( No Logo ).pdf

Little Bamboo

Copy of Book 38 - Small Cute Bamboo ( No Logo).pdf

Journey to Happy Land

Happy Land.pdf

Dee Ku from Bamboo Forest

DeKu From Bamboo Forest.pdf



Singer of Flower City

Singer from Flower City.pdf

First Prize

book 27 - Frist Prize - Burmese.pdf


Book 31 - Oasis- Burmese.pdf

Ei Si the Duckling

Ei Si Bilingual.pdf

Crow and Cuckoo

Crow and Cuckoo.pdf

Everyone is Valuable

Everyone is Valuable.pdf

What Makes Us Beautiful

What Makes us Beautiful.pdf

Thiri Goes to School

Thiri Goes to School.pdf

The Gardener

The Gardener.pdf

The Bridge

The Bridge.pdf

Tale of Two Pots

Tale of Two Pots.pdf

Pu Su's Adventures

Pu Su's Adventures.pdf

Pone Pone's Garden

Pone Pone's Garden.pdf

Phoe Maung Lay and Friends

Book 18 - Phoe Maung and Friends.pdf

Frog and Snake

Frog and Snake.pdf

For the Love of Trees

For the Love of Trees.pdf

Flying Cat

Flying Cat.pdf

Swe Zin's Dance

Swe Zin's Dance.pdf

Robot Footballer

Robot Footballer.pdf

Three Merchants

Three Merchants - TSP Logo.pdf

Tale of Taungzalat

Tale of Taungzalat.pdf

Happy Journey

Happy Journey.pdf

Working Together

Working Together.pdf

Teacher's Guidebook

Teacher book 5.31.pdf

Activity Sheets

Activity book (Final).pdf

The teen detectives and journalists Nancy Drew and Tin Tin are well known among children and adult audiences around the world.

There are similar beloved detective characters for kids in Myanmar as well. As we prepare educational series on journalism for kids, the Third Story family has brainstormed on ideas for stories with young journalists.

This is how “Wutyee Lucky Sayargyi” was created. It features the two title characters Wutyee and Lucky. They live in a world where humans, animals and robots all speak the same language and live side by side. This world, named Alienzo, is a new world formed after the previous one ended in the storyline.

In this new world, humans and animals live together along with robotic aliens from across the galaxy seeking shelter. Therefore, the humans, animals and robots are the citizens of this new world.

The two friends, Wutyee the human and Lucky the emu, grew up together in an orphanage. Upon reaching a certain age, the two of them left the orphanage and sell and deliver newspapers from a car house which they also live in.

One day, an extremist group called the “Grand Human Administration Organization” emerged led by a terrorist named Lu Soe Nga Tike. They want humans to rule the world like their ancestors in the old world and attack the city. They attempt to divide the humans and the animals.

On the other hand, the anti-human group led by Myauk Myo Khin is gaining strength as well. The once peaceful city is now filled with hate and the robot journalist Pu Tu is attacked by the terrorists for looking into this.

This is where the kids Wutyee and Lucky accidently find themselves in the middle of all this commotion. How will the duo uncover the secrets behind the terrorists and the city especially as they find involvement from Mayor Bossy Mi Kyaung, the robot millionaire Mr. Pyar Chat Aung Myat, and peace activist Aba Seik. They consider themselves to be the boss.

Children can learn about journalism as they follow the story. It’s the age of media after all. They should be versed of this topic. “Wutyee Lucky Sayargyi” is written by children’s literature author Thanlwin Myint and illustrated by cartoonist Sayar Sai Kham Lein.