The Visionary Associates

Don't let YOUR dream, just be A Dream!

Do you know that you are AMAZING?! RARE?! POWERFUL?! STRONG?!

Our mission is to empower you as you emerge into your greatness!

We want you to WIN!

Bit by bit - it starts with you.

Water what you want to grow.

Life coaching is for anyone who needs someone to push them, motivate them, encourage them but also ground them as they emerge. We offer group coaching as well.

A vision board workshop is a transformational event where you set goals and create a vision board - create your next steps... be intentional.

Are you a half glass full type of person? Learn to see the greatness in what's around you. Speak positive, feel positive, be positive. Join the positivity possession courses and bring out the best you from within.

Do you need someone to hold you accountable to your goals? At The Visionary Associates, we help you build a plan to do just that and stay on top of things and accomplish your goals!

What to Expect

from Your Coach

at The Visionary Associates

There are many different coaching styles and just as many opinions as to which is best. Here is a list of what you can expect from our coaching relationship:

· Visionary: A coach helps you envision your desired outcome.

· Strategist: A coach helps you map out a plan to reach your goals.

· Partner: A coach helps you reach the desired goal.

· Trainer: A coach teaches you the skills, strategies and techniques to address your concerns.

· Resource: A coach provides resources and connections to ensure your success.

· Listener: A coach listens.

· Motivator: A coach inspires.

· Supporter: A coach provides support in difficult times.

· Advisor: A coach offers advice to help you grow.

· Guide: A coach helps you get and stay on track.

· Helper: A coach assists you with difficult assignments.

· Assertive: A coach is direct when needed.

· Accountability: A coach helps you reach your goals by checking in regularly.

The Visionary Associates really made me open my eyes and just start looking at life different. Made me start believing in myself - that I too can accomplish my dreams. Thank you is just so simple. Amazing, phenomenal, show-stopping. Shemitria is the best. Nothing is stopping me now. Many blessings. - Vanessa

I needed a Shemitria in my life when I didn't even realize it. Motivator, cheerleader, inspiration, accountability partner, headache - all that. She definitely pushes you. - Tish

Because you deserve it today

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