What is SERN?

The Society for Economics Research and Networking is a peer collaboration of women and non-binary academic economists with a focus on creating dedicated space and time to productively work on research. The list of final publications that were submitted or productively advanced during our writing retreats is on our Events page.

What kind of events does SERN do?

SERN coordinates many events that are focused on research productivity and networking. These include both a winter and summer writing retreat, organized research workshops with peer feedback on papers, virtual and conference happy hour events, and regular virtual writing sprints. Information on upcoming and past events are listed on our Events page.

What are the requirements for membership in SERN?

SERN is targeted toward promoting representation for women and non-binary economists in professional research. This includes academic faculty from economics and economics-related disciplines from any level of academic institution including liberal arts colleges, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral-granting institutions. Although it is not required for membership, a majority of SERN events are focused on empowering tenure-track faculty who have not yet received tenure and mid-career tenured faculty. To this end, only SERN members are eligible to attend virtual and in-person SERN events, in order to protect research space and time and be responsible stewards of event funding.

Can I join SERN as a student?

At this time, SERN is only open to women and non-binary economists who have completed their graduate or doctoral degrees and are working as academic faculty at academic institutions or as professional researchers. We encourage you to explore the resources available to graduate students through the American Economic Association and the CSWEP, CSMGEP, and CSQIEP committees.

I meet the requirements. How can I join SERN?

Please email us at soceconrepnet [at] gmail.com using your academic or other work email to introduce yourself.