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Publications From Previous Writing Retreats

The following publications have come out of previous writing retreats. Retreat participants' names are in bold.

Summer 2022 Retreat:

  1. Deyo, Darwyyn and Alicia Plemmons. 2022. "Have license, will travel: Measuring the effects of universal licensing recognition on mobility," Economic Letters, Vol 219 (110800).

Winter 2021 Retreat:

  1. Plemmons, Alicia. 2022. "Occupational licensing's effects on firm location and employment in the United States," British Journal of Industrial Relations, 1-26.

  2. Ukil, Patralekha.Changing Human Capital Choices in the United States: Impact of Trade Exposure,” Mercatus Special Study, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Arlington, VA, May 2022.

Summer 2021 Retreat:

  1. Hoekstra, Mark, and CarlyWill Sloan. 2022 "Does Race Matter for Police Use of Force? Evidence from 911 Calls," American Economic Review, Vol. 112(3), 827-60.

  2. Ling, Li. "Helping Nurses or Hurting Patients: The Effect of Workplace Inspections in Nursing Facilities," American Journal of Health Economics, Forthcoming.

  3. Plemmons, Alicia and Sriparna Ghosh. "Business Regulations and Between-City Migration," Public Finance Review, Forthcoming.