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The Wagon inches closer

8th June

A momentous milestone has been reached in the restoration of the Wagon, the boiler has been cleared for reinstallation in the frames.

This means that the project really is on the home straight.  

Thursday saw the power unit moved from the main garage into the carpentry shop where the frames have been stored.  Due to the clever design work Robey did, the boiler is actually held in the frames by a bar which runs through the boiler.  This bar (called the trunnion bar) also holds the crank bearing housings, the water pump and the gears in place!

It is expected that the Wagon will be back in action this year.

Tavistock's Steam & Vintage Fair - 2023

4th June

This year, the Tavistock Steam & Vintage Fair really came back with avengance.  The Bedford and Wharf Car Parks were packed out with things to see and do.  The Trust was represented by Shamrock, Herts Wanderer, Bullet and the Three Point with two visiting engines; Burrell Tractor 'The Model' and Garrett Showman's 'Countess'.

There were also tractors, classic cars, amusements, live music, food and drink.   The weather could not have been finer on the day and trailers were packed out right from the very start at 10 with people still touring the town all the way till the end at 5 o'clock!

A huge thank you to all who came and supported us.  This really was the town at its best.

Tavistock's Dickensian Evening

2nd December

Last year we made the decision to sell chestnuts out of one of the trailers and the system worked very well.  So well infact that we ran out of Chestnuts in a little over 90 minutes.  This time, we bought no less than 56kg of Chestnuts and still ran out!

The event was absolutley packed and was attended by the Tractor, the Tri-Tandem and the Burrell Roller.

Sausage, Cider & Steam Weekend

17 & 18 September

Heritage open days have long been an important event in our calendar but, this year we really pushed the boat out with trailer rides into town, a bbq, bar, cake, stalls and engines going everywhere.

The event was blessed with extremely fine weather and was very well attended as evidenced by the fact that we were all so busy, there was no time to take any photos!

RAF Harrowbeer, 1940s weekend - 2022

20 & 21 August

This year also saw the return of the excellent 1940s weekend at RAF Harrowbeer attended by 'Shamrock' the convertible tractor and our own 'Little Grey Fergie' who spent the weekend pulling punters around the airfield.

We had a lovely time and the weather could not have been finer.  Both machines performing admirably.

Torbay Steam Fair 2022

5, 6 & 7th August 2022

Bullet and Herts. Wanderer were back on the Low-Loader and went straight to the first Torbay Steam Fair since 2019 and the first in its new home.

The weather couldn't have been finer, even if it was a bit hot.

On Saturday evening, both engines drove down into Brixham for a pint, fish & chips and an ice cream in the historic harbour. 

Port Elliot Steam Fair 2022

22, 23 & 24th July 2022

6-ton Tandem Roller Bullet & The Tri-Tandem (Hertfordshire Wanderer) have contributed to the very successful Port Elliot steam fair.

The weather was fine on Friday with the opportunity being taken to get as many members to drive the engines as possible.  Saturday unfortunately was wet and all engine movements were stopped around tea time.

The weekend was fueled by Kazakh Coal which gave good heat but a lot of smoke.  Very atmospheric!

Successful weekend at the Plym Valley Railway

2nd & 3rd July 2022

We were invited to the Plym Valley Railway to take part in their annual Heritage Transport Event where we spent the weekend giving rides to the public.

It did however mean a string of early starts with the engine being picked up (in steam) from the works at 0830 on Friday morning!

The weather was kind to us and a great time was had by all.

We look forward to future events with the team down there very soon!

Robey Steam Wagon Update

23rd June 2022

The Wagon is now in the final stretches of the boiler rebuild.  The team has riveted in the Foundation Ring and the Door Ring at the Firebox end of the boiler and have moved into fitting the boiler tubes.

All that remains is for the stay-tubes to be welded in and then its onto the first hydraulic test.

Recently, we marked Five long years since the engine has been off the road.

A new addition - 'Bullet'

We are pleased to announce that the Tandem Roller - Bullet has joined our fleet.

Over the winter, she will be getting a new set of tubes and is hoping to be an active member of our team in the year to come.

6-ton Wagon No. 42522 Update:

The Steam Wagon is currently going through a heavy overhaul including extensive boiler work.  The new Firebox and Front-Tube plate have arrived and will be installed in the boiler as time permits.

Additionally, the foundation ring has been built up and flattened, the water gauge mounts looked at and a new door machined up.

It is hoped this engine will be back in steam in the second half of the year.


The crankshaft on the Undertype has been fitted! Main bearings all machined and fit a treat.

The boiler has also been returned and will be cosmetically restored.

Education Room:

​The Education Rooms progress has come on leaps and bounds over the last month or so and we are proud to say it is nearly completed... just the electrics to be sorted (being done week of 6 November) and the main wooden panels to be fitted...

Stumbles Fails Boiler Exam

Stumbles, our Tandem Roller, has failed her 10-year Hydraulic examination and is now being partially dismantled and will be a static display at our events this year to raise money for her restoration.

The work required on the boiler is extensive and includes new barrel, front tube plate, tubes and firebox.

Additionally, work is required on the motion work and piston valves along with a new chimney.

This is expected to take between four and six years.

To help restore Tavistock's Roller, see our 'Support Us' page.