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A new addition - Bullet

We are pleased to announce that the Tandem Roller - Bullet has joined our fleet.

Over the winter, she will be getting a new set of tubes and is hoping to be an active member of our team in the year to come.

6-ton Wagon No. 42522 Update:

The Steam Wagon is currently going through a heavy overhaul including extensive boiler work. The new Firebox and Front-Tube plate have arrived and will be installed in the boiler as time permits.

Additionally, the foundation ring has been built up and flattened, the water gauge mounts looked at and a new door machined up.

It is hoped this engine will be back in steam in the second half of the year.


The crankshaft on the Undertype has been fitted! Main bearings all machined and fit a treat.

The boiler has also been returned and will be cosmetically restored.

Education Room:

​The Education Rooms progress has come on leaps and bounds over the last month or so and we are proud to say it is nearly completed... just the electrics to be sorted (being done week of 6 November) and the main wooden panels to be fitted...

Stumbles Fails Boiler Exam

Stumbles, our Tandem Roller, has failed her 10-year Hydraulic examination and is now being partially dismantled and will be a static display at our events this year to raise money for her restoration.

The work required on the boiler is extensive and includes new barrel, front tube plate, tubes and firebox.

Additionally, work is required on the motion work and piston valves along with a new chimney.

This is expected to take between four and six years.

To help restore Tavistock's Roller, see our 'Support Us' page.