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Our Events - 2023

Events the Trust is attending this year:

Public Access Statement...

The Robey Trust recognises that it has benefitted enormously form the receipt of funds disbursed from a variety of sources.

All of these grants have been carefully administered to ensure full compliance with the funders conditions.  that the best value for money has been sought , and strict monitoring of quality and costings have been carried out. The Trust, therefore, has facilities which are identical to those for which the applications for grant aid were made in the first place, thus the benefit to the public is maximised, and in particular that:

In the furtherance of this, it is the Board's declared intention that 


In this regard, this Public Access Statement declares that the 'New Perseverance Ironworks' of the Robey Trust Ltd., and all the facilities within will be open as follows: 

Most Saturdays, throughout the year (1100 - 1700)        Approx. 50 days

[the only days the Works will not be open on these days will be  (i) public holidays at Christmas, Easter, etc., and (ii) when an important event, eg. the Tavistock Steam Fair, requires the attendance of most engines and crews off site. In these events, the collection is still available for public enjoyment at the venue]

Open Days, such as:

Additionally, the works can be open for special events and group visits by request such as: