Partnership in Research Integration, Mentoring and Education

Welcome, we are The PRIME Collective, LLC

The PRIME Collective is a group of community experts with extensive experience in how to incorporate principles of engagement into all phases of a research project

Our Goals

Increase participation of community and patient stakeholders in research

Provide management and oversight of Community Advisory Boards (CAB)

Educate and integrate community and patient stakeholders into funded research projects

Provide community-informed pre and post-award consultation to research investigators

Our Services

Provide a full range of consultation services for increasing community engagement in research

Provide training in Community Based Participatory Research practice

Identify and negotiate time for skilled stakeholders to serve as staff on research projects

Prepare stakeholders/patients without research experience for research collaboration

Serve as a member of a writing team to create, edit, and review research projects for community engagement principles

Provide consultation about techniques for forming effective partnerships with community stakeholders

Offer diverse stakeholder groups that can provide feedback about all aspects of research pre-award design, implementation, and dissemination of results

Serve as a coordinating agent for researchers with stakeholder/patient groups who have not completed the RFI and those who choose not to use the independent contractor process

PO Box 4053, Rocky Mount NC 27803