Welcome! I am a life-long table tennis enthusiast and chemistry professor, hence the alias "The Pong Professor". As part of a never-ending journey towards the perfect set-up and "marginal gains", I enjoy testing out new equipment and have been writing equipment reviews for since 2016. The Pong Professor features site-exclusive equipment reviews, links to my TT11 reviews, TT-related videos, equipment databases, and thoughts on all things table tennis. I hope you enjoy the site!

Video review - Tibhar Szocs Signature 1

I am very impressed with the recently released Tibhar Bernadette Szocs Signature 1 blade. More than any other 7-ply blade that I have tested, the Szocs 1 strikes the “right” balance between power, subtle stiffness, catapult effect, and dwell time, to allow for powerful and controlled looping, a precise short game, and high consistency when blocking.

Watch the video review that I prepared in connection with the detailed written review for

TPP Exclusive - Spinlord Waran II

I am very excited to announce the first exclusive The Pong Professor equipment review, which is on my backhand rubber, i.e., the Spinlord Waran II short pips. I have received many questions about this rubber over the past couple of years. Check out the video or the full written review.

Covid-19, Masks and table tennis

Covid-19 has impacted all aspects of life, including our ability to play table tennis. Some facilities, including where I play, require players to use masks while playing. I recently evaluated five types of masks and face coverings with an eye to safety and comfort. Want to know which mask I prefer? Check out the video.

DHS Hurricane 301 vs 301X

I did a quick pre-review visual comparison of the DHS Hurricane 301x relative to the regular DHS Hurricane 301. Curious how they differ? Watch this video.

TT11: DHS Skyline 3 ProvinciaL

In this TT11 review, I evaluated the DHS Skyline 3 provincial blue sponge rubber. The Skyline 3 is a harder-feeling, tackier, more powerful, slightly lower-throwing, and more predictable rubber than Hurricane 3. It excels in power-looping, 5th ball attacks, flicking, and aggressive blocking while being slightly more difficult to handle in the pushing game than Hurricane 3. I love this rubber. Get all the details here.

TT11: Blade review

In this review for, I evaluated three composite blades, i.e., the Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid ZC, Yasaka Falck Carbon and the Andro Kanter CO OFF.

The Tibhar Shang Kun Hybrid ZC is a balanced blade that performs admirably in all shot categories without excelling in any one. Players who emphasize controlled looping and stable short game will like it.

The Yasaka Falck Carbon has a rather long dwell time, allowing for excellent spin generation on loops, pushes, and serves, while being sufficiently fast to produce dangerous counter-loops.

The Andro Kanter CO is a very lightweight blade, catering to players with direct aggressive styles who place less emphasis on spin. It is particularly well-suited for pimple-out players, relying on high amounts of spin reversal to confuse opponents.

For more details, read the full reviews HERE.


Like it or not - Boosting is widespread in table tennis. I have written an article boosting for TT11, which you can read HERE. In this video, I demonstrate how I boost Chinese rubbers like the DHS Skyline 3 provincial blue sponge version.

Fun Challenge

A good friend of mine, who runs one of regional clubs, posed the "bounce the ball on the handle" challenge to the local TT players during the Covid-19 lockdown. The first video shows my contribution, while the other video is a slightly different take on the original challenge. Can you do better?

TT11: Blade review

In this review for, I tested four Stiga composite blades, i.e., the Carbonado 45, Carbonado 145, Carbonado 290, and the Xu Xin edition of the Dynasty Carbon.

The Stiga Carbonado 45 is a well-made blade with a great balance. Its moderate speed, coupled with a clearly felt contact point, and deep, informative vibrations, render this a blade for the player that desires a lot of feeling for their game style.

The Carbonado 145 does well in all aspects of the game but does not excel in any particular category. It might represent a reasonable middle ground between the two extremes of the Carbonado range, but it also means that it has less character.

Stiga Carbonado 290 caters to high-level ultra-aggressive players who play close to the table. It is relentlessly fast and direct and can easily overpower opponents. Unlike many other fast composite blades, it offers excellent feeling in the short game.

The Stiga Dynasty is a weapon of choice for spin-offensive magicians who rely on having a lot of feeling from their blade. It is truly excellent in the service and short game, but in my opinion, a little slow for looping and smashing.

For more details, read the full reviews HERE.

Equipment tip

Keeping rubbers free of dust and dirt is essential for optimal spin generation and consistency, but did you also know that the topsheet deteriorates through prolonged exposure to air? Rubber protectors and blade boxes can slow down this process, but wouldn't it be great if there was a product that could clean a rubber and revert mild oxidation if it had already occurred? In this video, I cover a couple of "household" approaches towards this end, as well as an inexpensive easy-to-use professional product that I have been using for several years now with outstanding results. The product? Revolution #3 Rubber Cleaner and Rejuvenator. It is very effective at not only cleaning the topsheet, but also bringing life and tackiness back to it. A couple of drops ever so often, wipe dry using your hand, and that's it.

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