What Learning Looks Like


  • Jesus Christ is the center of our program and His teaching is embedded into various activities throughout the day.
  • Every morning, snack and lunch will begin with prayer. Prayer is a major emphasis as children develop problem solving skills.
  • Character education will be highly valued and Christian values will be intentionally taught throughout each day.


  • Children have a voice. They are closely observed and listened to by the teacher. Children guide the direction of the program’s curriculum.
  • Based on the children’s interests, the teacher provides materials and resources to dig deeper into their interests and begin a project. Materials are setup in beautiful and inviting ways and are called “provocations”.
  • All activities and materials in the environment are intentional and have purpose. All spaces look like “invitations” to play. The environment acts as a third “teacher”.
  • Materials are natural and open-ended. Example materials/supplies include: gems, scarves, pinecones, feathers, wooden blocks, instruments, stones, real tools, baskets, art supplies, clay, seashells, etc.
  • Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards are embedded into student-directed projects.
  • Children represent social/emotional and academic learning in a variety of “languages” or modalities, such as painting, sculpture, or performing arts.
  • The children’s learning is closely documented and this documentation guides the teacher in making decisions for future learning.

"As a parent of a two-year-old that attends The Nest four days per week, I have come to discover first-hand that Anne truly personalizes instruction for my child and develops curriculum that is unique to his interests." -Dan R