The mission of our student led organization is to help the most vulnerable members in our communities through various virtual community projects while providing a platform for youth leadership. We want to help the elderly, the homeless, the incarcerated, and other groups of people who are often overlooked in mainstream media. Every couple of months, we pick a new underrepresented group to focus and raise awarness about. Right now we are sending cards to the elders, and next we will be raising money for children of incarcerated parents!

We encourage members to start their own Helping Hands Club in their communities, thus allowing young people to lead and make a difference in their area, especially during COVID-19. Our organization is made up of members who value kindess and helping others. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand to those who need it!

What we've done

Since starting the club in late April, our team has started the Handmade Cards project! We have made and sent 1000+ cards to 14 nursing homes! We are also raising awarness about the issues that elders and other communities face.

We have raised $5000+ for children of incarcerated parents. Help us reach $10000!