Liceo Scientifico 

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Future belongs to us

This is the motto of our initiative, sponsored by the European Project Erasmus+, thanks to which, since 2019, our school gives students and teachers the chance to have firsthand experiences in the European Community.

The school

The Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Da Vinci is among the oldest ones in Italy, being founded in 1923. Throughout the years it has excelled in the preparation it provides to its students, and it has been awarded numerous prizes. The school has many sport facilities, and it offers a wide choice of sports for the students. The school has 42 classes, for a total of 1200 students and 100 teachers. The school offers physics, chemistry, biology and computer science laboratories. 

 It provides many extracurricular activities, such as school competitions, PTCO and study trips. Our school actively promotes peer to peer activities in order to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the transmission of skills between students of different levels

Erasmus+ is a European project that gives students the opportunity to study for a period that goes from 2 weeks to a year in a country in the European Union. This project is especially stimulating because it gives new generations the opportunity to study in a different country and discover new cultures. It has been made to raise awareness about eco-sustainable technological development among new generations.

Student mobility is essential to get in touch with new social realities, to acquire rules of coexistence and to transmit a sense of legality and respect for national and international political institutions. It is relevant because it would help form a new generation that is more conscious about the world and free from geographic and political barriers.