Partner Dancing

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Partner Dancing Classes - Beginner Level 1

Come learn "partner dancing" or "couples dancing" at The Dance Space.   These classes will get you started dancing or will spice up your current club-dancing experience.  Ballroom Dance includes six major dances and an additional 8  minor dances.  Many of the Ballroom Dances can be used in the dance venues around Richmond.

How long does it take to get started?  You can learn a new Ballroom Dance every week.  

It's easy!   No prior dance experience is needed.   Also no dance partner is needed as we optionally rotate dance partners between exercises so you get experience with different partners .   The classes are open to the public,  drop-in and no advanced registration required.  The class is for singles, couples and same-sex couples.

Learn Partner Dancing

Whether you are a novice dancer or whether you routinely get out and move on the dance floor, one way to enhance your dance experience is to learn to dance with a partner.  Being in sync with both the music and that special person, makes dancing a whole new experience.  

However partner dancing does require a little up front preparation to learn the lead, follow, steps and timing.  The Dance Space has a range of beginner classes that will get you (or you and your partner) out dancing in no time at all.   The basic steps in most dances can be learned in one or two group classes.  With some very simple training you can look great on the dance floor.

We recommend starting with our Sunday night "beginner" class as it is designed to get you up to speed on the most common/useful dances in a 4-8 week period.

Where can you do Partner Dancing?

The answer is anywhere there is music!  Most partner dances can be used at clubs and danced to popular music.  By learning three or four dances you will be able to enjoy dancing all night at any dance venue in the Richmond Metro area.  Of course, we also want you to come back and attend some of the weekly dances here at The Dance Space (see our calendar).  Note,  Partner Dancing is a skill you can use everywhere and will be with you the rest of your life.

Examples of Partner Dancing taught at The Dance Space

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