About the CSSA

What is the CSSA

The CSSA is the most active primary schools sports association in London. It is an association set up to provide sporting links for children in Camden primary schools. We feel that the association has given children a unique opportunity. They are able to compete against other athletes, in a fun yet competitive environment, as well as forge many new friendships between schools and individual children.

The association provides equal opportunities for both large and small schools. The association takes into account the difference in school sizes and facilities and does it’s best to provide fair opportunities in competition.

The Purpose of Our Association

To provide organised sporting events for children in conjunction with and as an extension to their regular school curriculum.

History of Our Association

The CSSA was established in the 1950’s as an association to provide sporting opportunities for the Hampstead schools. Over the last 20 years, the association has grown from 9 to 37 (of 39) schools. This has changed the geographical make up the association so that we now incorporate schools throughout the borough of Camden.