is a personal and therapeutic work of expeditionary art & design.


The editor of The Cathedral Times did mention that these election campaigns do tend to be rather expensive affairs.  And the recent placement of that poster above [for example] was eventually going to cost The Committee for the Re-election of Big Mac XXVII as much as £25,000.

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Tsam Cамиздат (a street homeless man with some fascinating mental health problems) is telling one of our community support workers that he's adopted this ancient & frequently vandalised tram shelter as his Chapel for Our God of the Insane.  He seems to be saying that he's currently in the process of applying to the city council for permission to improve its appearance with some illuminated windows and a suitably Sistine-Chapel-like ceiling.

ABOUT is a website for the documentation of this cathedral in virtual space, superimposed upon the landscape of Brighton.  It's just a story, although (in effect) a fantastic story is what every great cathedral has always been.

And whereas all those ancient cathedrals had been edifices built in stone & glass, this cathedral is one simply built in time.  It’s not actually a place.  [See Abraham Joshua Heschel’s 1951 text, The Sabbath for a better explanation of that concept.]  It’s simply an act of love: a series of presentations between moments of silent contemplation, meditation & prayer.

The aim of these presentations is to seat and then maintain & promote humanity (that of God, our species and its virtues) at the heart of the internet: otherwise something else is going to be sitting in our place, and it will imagine nothing in the universe greater than itself.


Since the early days of our Industrial Revolution, Brighton has been a destination built on some notion of partying like hell.  But [although we’ve been patronised since the 1700s by celebrities and members of our country’s royal family – and most notably by King George IV] permission for Brighton to call itself a city had not been granted by the Church of England’s supreme governor (Queen Elizabeth II) until January 2001 and even then Brighton was not given what other great cities have boasted at their centre: Its own cathedral.

To be precise: a cathedral is traditionally the seat [literally the chair or kathedra] of a bishop.

Following procedures given according to episcopal authorities in Chichester, last year: we were most pleased to announce the election & appointment of Brighton's new Archbishop, Big Mac XXVII - who will almost certainly be seeking re-election in 2024.

So, this thing's like some kind of a guide, or like science fiction stories [read by clicking on this text] or tales told by pilgrims.

And this cathedral's logo - []@[] - is symbolic of a gateway between two building blocks with the world’s most commonly recognised key [@] at its centre.  It's a logo that can be replicated easily and in plain text on almost any device.


The centre of this cathedral is in all places of silent contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

Its foundations are of an inter-faith initiative.

Its doors, walls and windows are online.

Its interior is infinite and ever-changing.

And its name is not important; it's what it does that matters.