Why Bulldog Bats?

Three Words: Trust, Process, and Customization


The Bulldog Bat Company is one of the most trusted bat manufacturers in the nation. Since our founding in 2005, hundreds of players choose us over any other company.

Master craftsman Michael Paes has displayed his bats at the 2006 New England and Atlantic States Vintage Base Ball Conference, held at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. He is the exclusive bat make for the Bar Area Vintage Base Ball (California) league, and Newtown (Connecticut) Sandy Hooks VBBC. He also was commissioned to make a trophy bat for the 2005 Newtown, Connecticut, Ter-Centennial Celebration Vintage Base Ball Tournament.

In addition, he understands what truly makes a bat great. He has played baseball for years and continues to play vintage baseball to this day.


Bulldog Bats is one of the only companies left who still hand-turn all our bats. We do not pump out bats out of a machine like other companies. Instead, we take the time to individually handcraft each bat to perfection.


Each bat can be ordered custom as to the type of wood used, length, weight, and size. We can also copy existing models if you wish.