Vintage Baseball Equipment

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Fielder's Gloves

Fingerless Model: $42 

Full-Fingered Model: $42

Top quality leather replicas of an authentic 1880s glove, padded according to the original design. Available in full finger and fingerless models, for both right and left hands.


Lemon Peel Ball (Barehand)


$180/Dozen Balls 

Hand-stitched and reproduced in construction, weight & color according to the original specs of the 19th century. Perfect for the barehanded game. 

1872-1900 Ball (Overhand)


$180/Dozen Balls

Figure eight cover, hand stitched baseball, designed for the overhand vintage game. 

Chest Protectors

Vintage Chest Protector


Based upon 19th century models, our chest protectors are hand-made from canvas. Availability limited. 

NOTE: These chest protectors are designed exclusively for vintage baseball. We do not recommend them for any modern baseball.