Kara von Behren and Jessica Titcomb founded The Barn School in 2016. Kara has a passion for individualized learning and child honoring and after learning that Jessica had hopes of starting a nature based school following Montessori pedagogy, it seemed like a clear fit. Both Kara and Jessica are moms who also have their Master’s Degrees in Education. They knew there had to be a schooling system that would truly awaken their students’ spirits and passions, and thus they came together to open The Barn. Jessica’s primary role is in the classroom, and Kara’s in administration, but they work together to ensure that each is given time in both areas so they can meet their goals and work on their passions.

In 2017, the school had expanded enough that it was clear the school would need another teacher, and so Melissa Crosa, M.Ed, was hired as well. Melissa has a gentle spirit and shows respect and kindness to all of her students while still maintaining order in a classroom, so it was a perfect fit!

The Barn School also utilizes community members and views the whole world as our classroom. We often go to bakeries, farms, theaters, and so forth and regard each expert in the field who we meet as a teacher. Our learning is not limited to four walls. We also have weekly lessons in Spanish, Sustainability, Art, Music, Cooking, Yoga, and Phys Ed taught by other teachers as well.

All of our teachers are passionate and excited to be here. We ask that our teachers attend and respond to their students with love, understanding, and humor. The relationships built at The Barn are strong and deeply rooted in kindness and respect.