Frequently Asked Questions

Why such a small school?

We have a unique approach to learning. We believe that children’s curriculum should be personalized, and based on their strengths, temperaments, and learning styles, just to name a few. In order to do this, we feel that a small school can meet the needs of each child.

How do you mingle grades?

We have learning periods throughout the day that are structured and based on the child’s ability, not their age or “grade.” We also offered unstructured free time where children are free to pursue their interests with the guide of the teacher. Children learn quite well in mixed age groups, and this is actually a Montessori approach that your child’s teacher is familiar with.

What do you mean by individualized curriculum?

Your child’s teacher is trained in assessing and understanding different temperament types, nurturance styles, multiple intelligences, and personal values and goal setting. She will put together a portfolio (in October) that is unique to your child and will help them learn best and have a love for school and learning! We look forward to talking with you about the process and at conferences.