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In 5 Steps To The Correct Fitness Exercises That Burn Fat

The mental aspect is the most important basis for achieving and maintaining a healthy and lean body. It prevents you from starting fitness exercises and, like all those other times, will stop after a couple of weeks. Establishing objectives and motivation means that you increase your chance of success by 50%.

But of course, only "thinking" is not enough. You also have to actually take action to see results, diet plans for men and women...

If you want to achieve a healthy and lean body then you will have to do fitness exercises. you will have to make time for these fitness exercises a few times a week. For example 3 times 30 minutes. Which fitness exercises?

The right fitness exercises lead you to increase your metabolism and stimulate your body to start burning. When you do the right fitness exercises, the body fat will burn.

Do short, intensive fitness exercises

Science has shown that short, high intensity workouts have a greater effect on our metabolism the day after fitness exercises, than the long, low intensity workouts do

Because short, intensive fitness exercises give the body a stronger training stimulus, the day after the fitness exercises leads to an increased (fat) burn. The body is active in restoring the trained muscles. It has been shown that these short, intensive fitness exercises burn more net calories than do long, low intensity fitness exercises of, for example, 1.5 hours.

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When you perform fitness exercises at a high intensity so that you can only train for 30 minutes, this gives a signal to the body that it has an increased metabolism in hours after the fitness exercises. This causes the body to burn a lot of extra calories for a long period. Much more than during the low intensity training of 1.5 hours. So training shorter and more intensively.

Increase your resting metabolism with the right fitness exercises

Roughly there are 2 Types of Fitness Exercises:

1. Fitness exercises that store fat

2. Fitness exercises that burn fat

Long, slow, low intensity cardio training like jogging. Cycling, swimming, aerobics, spinning, etc) hold grease. People who lose weight with these types of fitness exercises burn muscle tissue. However, the fat percentage remains the same. Your skin becomes slack because the ratio of muscle tissue to fat tissue is more likely to lie with a larger amount of adipose tissue. If you have more fat, your skin is drooping. If you have more muscle tissue and a lower fat percentage, this will tighten your skin and body.

In the long term, the burning of muscle tissue is very disadvantageous. Your amount of muscle tissue determines your resting metabolism (resting metabolism). This is the number of calories that you burn at rest. If you have more muscle tissue, then you also burn more energy at rest. Therefore, do fitness exercises that increase the amount of muscle tissue. Muscle strengthening fitness exercises will help you with this.

This does not necessarily mean that you have a lot of muscle mass (fat muscles). Especially when you are a woman you do not have to worry about muscle-strengthening fitness exercises leading to an increase in muscle mass. As a woman you make 40 to 60% less testosterone than a man. So unless you use anabolic steroids, you do not have to worry about getting muscle strengthening exercises with thicker muscles.

The Venus Factor
The Venus Factor

Do muscle strengthening fitness exercises for the production of "fat burning hormones"

Your body makes a hormone to repair different cells in our body. Muscle strengthening fitness exercises ensure that there are microscopic "cracks" in our muscles (muscle pain). This stimulates the production of this "growth hormone".

At the same time, this growth hormone is also the biggest body fat burner. It uses our fat reserves as a source of energy to restore our muscles. Another advantage is that it not only restores our muscle cells.

Do fitness exercises for large muscle groups

Some people still have the illusion that when we do an exercise for our arms, our arms become tighter. If we do an exercise for our stomach, our stomach would become tighter.

However, you train the muscle group yourself. Doing the fitness exercises has a 0% influence on fat burning at that location. Where you burn fat on your body is determined by totally different factors. This has to do with your hormone balance and can not be influenced by fitness exercises.

The gain of having a healthy mind and healthy body is that you get profit, energy and generally much happier life.

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