Welcome to Thamesville United Church

Come and visit us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM!


Our guest speakers for January 2023 are:

Jan. 8 - Shane McDowell
Jan. 15 - Roy Dusten
Jan. 22 - Wanda Burse
Jan. 29 - Wanda Burse

Mission Statement
To grow together in the faith of Jesus Christ and share our faith with others through action, teaching, service and to maintain a place to carry on this growth. (TUC 2006)

Fellowship / Organizations

Sunday School

All youth are welcome to join us for a variety of programming. Come and enjoy activities geared towards teaching children/youth the lessons brought to us by Jesus. As we grow, we are seeking dedicated individuals to join our Youth education ministry.
If you would like to know more, and would like to get involved, please contact our church for more information.

AOTS (As One That Serves)

Our men’s group meets the last Sunday of the month at 8:00 a.m.

It is a breakfast meeting held in our Fellowship Hall at 8:00 a.m. and includes time for fellowship, discussions, and on occasion, a guest speaker. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and there is plenty of opportunity for fellowship with both old and new friends. We do not hold meetings in July and August.

Our meetings are open to all men who would like to join us.

Events that the AOTS Group hosts at the church include the following:

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Easter Sunrise Breakfast, June Yard Sale & Barbeque, December Breakfast with Santa

  • Community Outreach projects that we have supported financially include the following:

Kenesserie Camp, UCC Mission & Service Fund, Salvation Army, Sertoma Golf Tournament (Hole-In-One), Thamesville Sertoma Club, T.I.A. Splash Pad, and the Women’s Shelter Crisis Centre

Aims of the AOTS Men's Group:

  • To be an arm of the Church reaching out in Christian Fellowship to all men.

  • To deepen the spiritual life of men and to lead them to an understanding of the work and witness of the Church, that, through commitment to Christ, they may fulfill the Ministry to which they are called in the home, in daily work, in the community and in the world.

  • To encourage and promote effective Christian Service.

  • To give encouragement and practical assistance to work among the youth of the church and community.

UCW (United Church Women)

As we work to serve our Lord, our Church and our community, we share joys and sorrows together, but most of all, we enjoy each other’s support and friendship. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the church.


What does the UCW do?

  • Donate money and items to the food bank, Women’s Crisis Centre, Sertoma, NeighbourLink, Samaritan’s Purse, Haiti, Kenesserie Camp
    Sponsor a child through “Compassion”
    Merrily work in the kitchen making pies, dinners, lunches, coleslaw, etc.
    Assist in Church projects
    Operate the “Wee Shop” at Christmas
    Help decorate the church for Christmas
    Give money to the Board of Stewards
    Provide memorials for all church members
    Give to local school breakfast programs

Chatham-Kent NeighbourLink

Thamesville United Church is a founding member of Chatham-Kent NeighbourLink which is legally known as Christian Faith in Action Assisted services of Chatham-Kent. Simply stated our goal is to bring church families together to assist those in need. NeighbourLink does not duplicate existing services if there is help already available. We will link families or persons to the existing services. Where there are gaps in community services NeighbourLink seeks to provide practical help.

NeighbourLink Values:

  • Put People first: because they are created and loved by God

  • Relieve suffering: in any form but particularly of those struggling with poverty believing that Jesus calls us to do so

  • Work together: as the church of Jesus Christ with all those who desire to help

NeighbourLink Mission: Connect people in need with people who can help.

We give Christ-followers a practical opportunity to demonstrate God’s love by responding to the needs of our neighbour.

NeighbourLink Vision: The community energized by the church in action!

The biggest needs are furniture and deliveries, food and food issues and rides to DR appointments, groceries, bank etc.

We are committed to relieving the suffering of the poor. We value people because they are loved by God.

Kenesserie Camp

An overnight summer camp for children ages 5-15. Kenesserie Camp is a registered children's charity dedicated to building better kids through camp. This is a 'United Church Camp" and we provide regular funding to this great charity.

Thamesville United Church Drama

TUChD was originally started to help offset the cost of rebuilding and paying off the mortgage of the Thamesville United Church Sanctuary.

The first play was One Foot in Heaven presented the spring of 1999 with 2 dinner theaters, 1 Matinee and 3 shows. In the fall of 2000 Bless me Father was presented and the mail order list was started. The plays continued one or two a year with a cast of 7 to 19 actors. With each play more interest was created and the performance grew. In the fall of 2007 8 dinner theaters and a matinee were completely sold out by the mail order list. In the spring of 2008 a constitution was drawn up for the TUChD as the original reason for starting had been completed.

TUChD is a self-governing component of Thamesville United Church operating specifically under the oversight of the Thamesville United Church Board.

Purpose: TUChD is to bless participants, audience and recipients by presenting plays with or without meals so as to raise funds to be used to continue to upgrade the facilities of Thamesville United Church, to support the various ministries of Thamesville United Church and to donate to worthy causes as determined by the TUChD membership.

As the plays continue to grow in numbers local churches and organizations were invited to cook and serve meals. Over the years we have helped Fairfield Museum, Kenesserie Camp, Mozambique Aid, MRI, NeighbourLink, Thamesville Sertoma, Women’s Crisis Center, Thamesville Schools Snack/ Breakfast Programs, United Way Backpack Program, VON Kids Circle, C-K Hospice. This list is only a few of people and organizations that have benefited from our plays.

These plays are a huge commitment and hours of work but many hands make it easier. The fun, fellowship and outreach makes them all worth it.