Welcome to my website.

My name is Thai Nguyen (Nguyễn Thành Thái in Vietnamese, Thái Thành Nguyễn in publication, and Thanh Thai Nguyen in legal documents). I recently completed my PhD degree at Tulane University. My advisor is Dr. Tài Huy Hà. I will be a Britton postdoc fellow at McMaster University, working with Dr. Megumi Harada, Dr. Jenna Rajchgot, and Dr. Adam Van Tuyl.

I am interested in commutative algebra and its interactions with combinatorics and geometry. My current research focuses on understanding symbolic powers of ideals and related invariants, especially symbolic powers of ideal of points and monomial ideals.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at tnguyen11(at)tulane(dot)edu.