What is Terrier Tough?

How and why did it begin?

Where do the proceeds go?

How much does it cost to race this year?

Do you offer refunds?

Are there volunteer opportunities?

We have a team of three or five - can we race?

I have a friend at another school, can they participate?

I have a friend who goes to GMS, can they participate?

Which division do we register for?

How does my team register?

Can we register on the day of the race?

How many teams participate?

What time does it begin?

How do we know which heat we're in?

Can we pick what heat we're in?

What are the prizes?

What are the obstacles?

I'm not very athletic, is this race for me?

What about the weather? 

Will I get dirty?

What should I wear?

Is water provided?

Are there changing areas and/or lockers?

What about restrooms?

Where do we park?

What if I get hurt?