Teemu Pekkarinen

Teemu Pekkarinen

Email: teemu.pekkarinen@helsinki.fi

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Office: Economicum, Room A308 (3rd floor).

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University of Helsinki, Helsinki Graduate School of Economics

Department of Political and Economic Studies

P. O. Box 17 (Arkadiankatu 7)


PhD Student in Economics at the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics

Teemu Pekkarinen

I am a PhD candidate at the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE). My research interests are in information economics and game theory. I work on questions related to auctions and mechanism design. Otherwise, I am an art lover and a fledgling painter.

I am participating in the 2021–2022 academic job market! Please, find my job market paper here:

'Optimal Mechanism Design with Enforcement', SSRN: 3729347, 2021.

We consider a principal-agent model where the principal can monitor the agent’s report. If the agent is caught being non-compliant, the principal can punish the agent with a fine. To reduce the probability of being verified, the agent can engage in costly avoidance. We design incentive and avoidance compatible regulatory policies and derive optimal compliant mechanisms for single and multiple agents.

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teemu.pekkarinen@helsinki.fi or pekkariselle@gmail.com

+358 50 911 7311