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2024 Kickoff Event Details:

The global kickoff for the FIRST Robotics Competition will take place on January 6, 2024.  The Cometbots are opening our doors to the community to join us to learn about what we do every year.  The kickoff event is a both a celebration for us as well as the beginning of six weeks of extremely demanding work.  We have only about six weeks to design, build, program, and test a robot to carry to competitions around the Chesapeake District and possibly to the World Championships.
We want to share this exciting time with the sponsors which support us, family and friends of current team members, and any other members of the community who are interested.  We are constantly looking for new sponsors, new mentors, and new student members.  Although student members are typically high school students, younger students are welcome to get them interested in joining the team later.

We will be having hot dogs with fixings and associated foods.

The event will be at the Innovation Center at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (third building).  Doors open at 11 am, with the livestream beginning at 12 pm.  

If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to email: 

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